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Art Services is a key partner for the players in the art world and the cultural sector, supporting individuals and professionals with all issues related to the management of works of art and precious goods.

A prestigious and cosmopolitan clientele has trusted our expertise, confidentiality and reactivity for more than 20 years, to handle all sorts of projects, from the most sensitive to the most unusual ones.

Our international network allows us to operate anywhere in the world, and to ensure the highest quality of service at all stages of the operations entrusted to us.

Artists & Craftspeople
Fairs and Shows

Auction Houses

Museums & Institutions


For over two decades, Art Services has been the preferred partner of Luxury Brands, who use our excellent know-how to organise and manage their international operations.

Events Logistics

We support our clients in the luxury sector with the transportation of their sensitive scenery and merchandise around the world, both on one-off shipments and multi-stage itineraries.

Our expertise allows us to provide advice and assistance at all stages of project events:

  • Storage between 2 events, robust flow management.
  • Manual handling and moving of goods, from the most delicate to those of non-standard dimensions.
  • Management of return journeys, including for packaging material.

Storage and Transportation

Alongside the events operations, we manage day-to-day operations related to the transport of goods for our clients.

  • Optimization and assembly of valuable goods flows.
  • Warehousing and Inventory management.
  • Special security standards for high value products.
  • Verification of goods, condition reports and quality control at all stages of project events.